Sharon Davis Design To Partner With Possible Health In Its Commitment To Rebuild Nepal’s Health System

October 6, 2015

On September 27th, Sharon Davis shared the stage with representatives of Possible Health at the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting in honor of their innovative and exemplary approach to providing sustainable healthcare solutions in Nepal.

In 2015, a partnership between Possible Health  and Sharon Davis Design committed to expanding its unique public-private model in Nepal and rebuilding the healthcare system in Dolakha District, one of the areas hardest hit by the April earthquakes where over 40% of the population now lacks access to healthcare. Possible and Sharon Davis are partnering  with the Nepali government to not only ensure that damaged hospitals and clinics are rebuilt with earthquake-resistant design, but also to roll out an Electronic Medical Record system, human resource and project management platforms, household data surveillance tools, medical education, and quality improvement initiatives. This commitment will immediately restore access to healthcare for 74,464 people and, in the long-term, deliver and track coordinated care across the health system and build capacity for health care providers delivering a range of services.

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